Good user interface makes life easier. Our human-centered approach helps you understand user goals and eliminate everything that’s getting in their way. Here are some of our favorite projects!

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For more than a year, we collaborated closely with Fortress on the UX and UI design of their minting engine. Mint away!


We contributed to the redesign of, a luxury travel agency offering planned group trips, destination guides, hotel booking, and inspiring travel content.


Desktop widgets for your Mac. Emoji faster. Designed and brought to market this best selling apps with our friends at Amico Apps.


We assisted in designing the branding and UI for Banq, a software solution that connects crypto with traditional fiat seamlessly.

Jones & Vining

In collaborations with our friends at Locket Creative we helped re-branding, re-designing and building the Jones & Vining website from the ground up.


Emoji faster. Designed this free apps with our friends at Amico Apps.


Golden Ratio Without the Math. Designed and developed this free apps with our friends at Amico Apps.

We were behind the design and development of the Kloudio website and branding.

Zappos Packs

We played a part in designing Zappos Packs, an inventive shopping experience that recommends outfits specific to your travel destinations.


A fresh start without a restart. Designed and developed this free apps with our friends at Amico Apps.
Cisco Framework

Our UI Cookbook

A collection of recipes for design success! Everything you need to whip up tools your users will drool over.

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Ignazio Lacitignola

Founder & Designer

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Ignazio Lacitignola

Founder & Designer

Meet Ignazio, affectionately known as “Igi” to friends and colleagues. An Italian designer, creative and entrepreneur who finds it a bit peculiar to refer to himself in the third person, but he’s willing to do so for the sake of this bio.

From his earliest memories, Ignazio’s mind has been a canvas of creativity, and his love for digital design ignited as soon as he could afford a computer and an internet connection that wasn’t the sluggish 56k dial-up.

Growing up in the less glamorous corners of Milan, Italy, Ignazio defied the odds, earning honors at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti without ever brushing shoulders with the law.

Following his heart’s call, he ventured across the Atlantic to San Francisco, USA, to immerse himself in the startup and User Experience world. It was here that he kickstarted his journey with Meno Design, a digital design studio dedicated to distilling complex digital experiences into their essence, while learning through experimentation.

In Ignazio’s eyes, every piece of design is a potential masterpiece, an artistic expression in its own right. His ongoing challenge is harmonizing his meticulous attention to detail, sometimes bordering on OCD, with the practical timely demands.

Beneath his approachable and calm exterior lies a delight of colorful Italian cursing that surface whenever he stumbles upon poor design choices—though it’s worth noting that he’s incredibly friendly, and a simple “ciao” is always welcomed.