We turn complex design challenges into simple, elegant solutions that allow your customers to do what they want and need, easily and naturally.

Our Vision

At Meno, we believe that happiness starts with simplicity. When you eliminate what’s unnecessary, interactions become fluid, effortless, and natural. We approach our work with light hearts and ready smiles, anticipating both the challenge of creative problem-solving and the pleasure of sharing solutions with our clients.

Why Design

We believe that simple, intuitive designs make people want to engage with your brand. That you can say more with fewer words. And that when you strip away the clutter, people are free to see, hear, feel, do, and share more. We believe that simplicity is the path to happiness.

How we do it

We are passionate observers of people, always in tune to how they interact in both the physical and digital worlds. Our natural ability to anticipate their needs helps us create designs to meet them.

What We Value


From clients to coworkers, we see people as people. We build authentic, long-term, collaborative relationships and work toward common goals.


We have an innate passion and ability to understand how users think and feel, and to leverage this understanding to design intuitive tools and interfaces.


We believe that every element of a design should serve a clear purpose, so that users immediately understand how to interact with it to achieve their goals.


We love to find answers in unexpected places, and to present solutions that delight our clients — and their users.


Our work is warm and welcoming, expressing our joyful appreciation of life’s simple gifts. We want people who interact with our designs to leave with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment — and positive feelings about your brand.

Our Team

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