zappos packs logo

King of customer service introduced a new way to shop offering outfit recommendations based on traveling destinations so that you can have peace of mind on you next travel adventure.

We helped the Zappos team come up with a branded visual design that would distinguish this service from the rest of the site.

Here are a few screens that were built on the official Zappos site. We settled on a 1970s retro feel with hints of psychedelic. 

Logo & Badges

For the Zappos packs logo the only constrain was that we had to use the official Zappos logo as base. So we ended up giving surrounding the logo with a globe and give the whole thing a passport stamp look.

We used the same stamp look for all destination badges as well. 

Taking a Step Back

Before Zappos packs we even introduced to the official Zappos Packs we helped the Zappos team build an MVP mini website to test the water. Here below are some screens from it.

Here is a simple contact form used to collect peoples travel and style preferences, that were then processed by customer service who offered customized shopping recommendations.

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