Artesian candy maker, Tommy Thekkekandam and his wife Jenny Citineni, a pediatric dentist in MA, are on a mission to make candies that actually do your teeth some good! Love caramel, but hate the idea of getting cavities? Then Tom & Jenny’s Candy may be the right answer for you.

Tom reached out to us for a full Ecommerce website refresh in anticipation for their delicious caramel candies going into full production. This website isn’t your average small mom & pop Ecommerce website. No siree. The Tom & Jenny’s candy website is all about helping their consumers get exactly what they need from buying a simple two pack, to monthly subscriptions and even on demand help via ZenDesk integration.

The Tom & Jenny’s website needed to solve these main problems:

  1. Educate the customer about the benefits of candies made with Xylitol
  2. Make checkout as friction-less as possible so that those who are curious can easily a few bags to try for themselves.
  3. Make the design approachable, educational & fun, yet trustworthy. We want the consumers to understand that Tom & Jenny’s is a brand that puts their health concerns and tastebuds first.

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