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TinySuperheroes is a superhero cape company with a BIG mission to empower Extraordinary kids as they overcome illness or disability!

TinySuperheroes was the winner of our 2016 MENO giveback, a $10k giveaway we decided to do every year to help a startup with a great cause. (Here’s why we did it)

We had 14 participants from startups all over the world, and though they all had an awesome mission behind them, we unanimously decided that TinySuperheroes was this year’s winner.

Here’s what we loved about TinySuperheroes:

  • An amazing cause¬†‚Äď Personalized capes for kids that are¬†overcoming illness and¬†disabilities? Yes.
  • Detailed submission¬†‚Äď Robyn really took the time to explain her business¬†and plan of action to us.
  • Momentum¬†‚Äď The company has been featured on national TV several times and won several awards. So a little bit of our design magic will spread a long way.

The Problem

Since¬†TinySuperheros is based in Missouri we held a Skype kickoff call so that we could meet each other ‚Äėface-to-face‚Äô and learn more about the business.

Robin has done a wonderful job over the years at producing amazing content for the site, collecting hundreds of heart braking and inspiring stories that drove lots of qualified traffic. However the site structure and ecommerce support were not flexible. SquareSpace was an easy platform for her to maintain but the ecommerce capabilities was making the checkout experience a bit of a mess for the type of products that she offers.

Give Hope. Give Courage. Give Strength.

The Plan

We quickly came to the conclusion that the best way to use our skills and services was to build TinySuperheros a brand new ecommerce site. Yes, we did go over by quite  bit on our prize money budget, but we loved the project so much that we didn’t even care ?

Given the time restrictions we decided to do the site entirely in WordPress and integrate ecommerce through the Woocommerce plugin.

We designed the new site from scratch, re-architectectured¬†the whole¬†experience with two goals in mind ‚Äď one to make the TinySuperhero mission shine and second to¬†make the ecommence experience¬†more¬†intuitive and faster.

Robyn was an amazing person to work with, she was very open minded about our ideas and basically gave us all the key information we needed for us to run the project independently.

Old Site Flow

New Site Flow

TinySuperheroes is a superhero cape company with a BIG mission to empower Extraordinary kids as they overcome illness or disability!

The Wishlist

    By proposing the right content at the right time.
    By leveraging the use of images and small bits of digestible copy across the site.
    Brings more traffic to the kids ‚Äústories‚ÄĚ
    In previous site the add-ons were separate products that needed to be added to the cart separately, now they need to be integrate them on the product page itself.
    The new checkout requires only one step and supports both Paypal and credit card processing.
    The new site will need to have a more cohesive content & visual design.

Our Solution

A cape for a child with disabilities.

A cape for a child overcoming illness.

A cape to build awareness.

A cape, because capes are cool!

Old Site vs. New Site

The positive impact of the new design, straight from Google Analitics!

+ 0 %
More Capes sold per week!
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Average donation increment
+ 0 %
Average Session Duration
- 0 %
Bounce Rate

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