Roomzilla is a super sweet room booking app that allows companies to manage their conference rooms with ease. We had the pleasure to help them with their product redesign and user experience.

Founder of Roomzilla Michelle Darby connected with us in late 2015 in need of a site redesign.

Roomzilla is a room booking service that combines the use of their online room booking tool and iPad displays to provide real-time access to reservations and availability information. Roomzilla eliminates the difficult logistics and social awkwardness around conference rooms, allowing everyone to relax and focus on what really matters – their meeting. And the local iPad displays take the guessing game out of trying to understand when the current meeting is going to end and when the next one is going to begin. Truly a conference room squatter’s best friend.

Roomzilla was born at the Cambridge Innovation Center in 2010 and even though the site has seen constant improvements from a features standpoint the UX and UI remained virtually untouched. This made some parts of the service hard to interact with and the site looking rather outdated.

Below is the re-design of the rooms overview page, the default screen every user sees before booking. Here is the old version of the very same page . The room overview page had a few challenges to solve including providing sorting options, and providing an explicit action, and, of course, bring the design up to date.

This is  the “contracted” version of the rooms overview screen which offers less details in exchange for less vertical scrolling. Handy for companies with a lot of rooms and users that don’t need the extra details.

Here is the “book a room” lightbox wich used to be a stand alone page that looked like this. The lightbox creates a much more fluid transition than the previous page re-direct.

Here are a few screens highlighting the iPad interaction. A new feature that was added is a very simple, yet very handy, map of the office as well as a view of the upcoming reservations.

This is what it’s like to check-in to your conference room.

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