Lendbuzz is a financial service that uses Big Data technology to dramatically improve consumers’ access to credit in the US. Lendbuzz looks beyond simple credit scores and cares more about their customer’s background and future prospects to offer exceptionally attractive loan terms.

In mid-2015 Amitay Kalmarco-founder of Lendbuzz, connected with us in need to help getting his new venture brand and website off the ground.

With Ignazio being an Italian immigrant, we have dealt with the complications of getting a loan without an established US credit score.  So we aligned with the Lendbuzz mission right away.

As a startup Lendbuzz could not invest in a full brand buildout but wanted instead invest most of the budget on the full website buildout. We kept the visual branding exploration to the absolute bare minimum and here are 3 initial logo/color options we provided.

The Lendbuzz site has just a handful of public pages, most of the site content resides in the “Loan Approval Forms” and the “My Account” area.

Here is our simplistic homepage design for Lendbuzz with draggable slider to provide the visitors a quick glance of their potential loan terms and payment installments that gets them immediately involved in the loan approval funnel.

Better Data Analysis. Better Rates.

“We look at data other lenders don’t.”

Here are a few of the designed screens for their loan approval forms. This process was designed to gather all info necessary to issue a loan in a simplified and not-so-overwhelming way. The step by step approach brakes down the process across six screens that progressively dig into a deeper level of information but keeps the user informed and motivated.

Here are a few of the designed screens for the account section where users can manage different aspects of the loan including changing rate, change payment method and schedule payments.

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