In-Shape is a wildly popular Health Club Gym and Spa here in California with over 70 locations and amazing amenities, such as: childcare, swimming, yoga, cycling, saunas, juice bars and more!

In-Shape reached out to us because they were in desperate need of getting their website up to speed by introducing and online gym membership checkout solution. This may seem like a no-brainer, but putting together an E-Commerce flow to a checkout process as complex as a gym membership, took a lot more thinking than meets the eye.

What was going to originally be a 6 step checkout process, we were able to simplify the process and reduce friction at checkout by bringing it down to 4.

With over 70 clubs, we had to come up with a simplified way for the customer to enter the E-Commerce flow from wherever they may be on the website – be it the homepage or the landing page of that specific club. To solve for this we created a sticky nav with a “Join Now” module that will allow the potential new club members to discover clubs around them or go straight to the club of their choice, check out the plans, and get moving.

Second, we designed a plan selection module that will live at the top and the bottom of each of the individual club landing pages so that they can select the best plan for them and enter the E-commerce flow from there.

Another way they could enter in the checkout flow is via the new Membership Landing page that we designed for them. This landing page is meant to be inspirational and motivate viewers to take the next step and look for their nearest club.

We’re looking forward to seeing how In-Shape Health Clubs is able to convert more members come 2017 now that we added a full E-Commerce checkout experience to the site!

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