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Hackbright Academy is the leading software engineering school for women founded in San Francisco in 2012. Each year the academy graduates more female engineers than Stanford and UC Berkeley combined!

Back in early 2015 we were pleased to be contacted by the one and only Hackbright Academy. The San Francisco based academy offers a 12-week programming boot camp designed to help women become awesome programmers.

The academy teaches the fundamentals of modern web development, then introduces graduates to Silicon Valley companies looking to expand their engineering teams. All students are matched with up to three seasoned software engineers as mentors, as well as given customized career coaching support throughout the program.

Since we fully aligned with the academy’s mission to empower women and help sku the largely male-dominate industry that is Tech, and we loved the team AND BONUS it’s a local San Francisco company – we were hooked!

To learn more about the academy you can watch this brief video below before seeing the project details.

A Game Changer for your Career

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The Problem

Hackbright Academy had a WordPress based site that was very hard and time-consuming to update and required a lot of internal resources for simple changes and implementations.

The site setup was pretty complex, with a bunch of custom functionalities and with several hundred pages that have been accumulated over the years. Hack bright looked to us to help perform one big content cleanup and revamp the back end of their website in a way that empowers ANYONE on the team to do small to mayor updates, easily.

Our Solution

Good thing simplifying is what we do best! We jumped right on the project and in 8 weeks we did a big content recap and migrated to a new framework with drag and drop functionalities that anyone on the team could quickly learn to maintain and update themselves.

Everything on the site can be updated with no coding knowledge (great for those on the marketing team) and below is a snippet of the builder and a few of the pages that we made with it.

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