We designed and developed Goldie out of our own need to visually reference and calculate the golden ratio on our projects.

Goldie is now the #1 golden ratio app available for Mac OS!

Why Goldie

As UI designer we need to create interfaces that naturally please the human eye. An easy trick to propotion things is to use the golden ratio. Artists have used the golden ratio for hundreds of years and we used the physical golden caliper as icon for the app.

More than Golden Ratio

As we designed the tool we realized that we could offer more than just the golden ratio and we inclued a handful of handy proportion that are often used by artists, photographers and designers.

Interface Design

We wanted Goldie to be a handy tool that can be overplayed on anything on your screen. So we decided to integrated it in the top menubar as dropdown and have the ruler overlay on top of any app.

Onboarding Design

To explain the basic functionalities of Goldie we did a quick 6 steps onboarding slider that is presented the first time the app is opened.

Hello Goldie! 👋

Let’s quickly show you how to get the perfect ratio.

Goldie Ruler 🥂

This jem will mesure any on-screen golden proportions.

Goldie Calculator 🍦

Use this tab to calculate golden proportions.

Snap, Drag & Right Click 🍰

Hold shift to snap the ruler, drag it or right click for more.

Start Automatically ⚡️

Reccomended, so you’re always ready for a golden check!

Snap, Drag & Right Click 🍰

Hold shift to snap the ruler, drag it or right click for more.

Golden Ruler

Goldie rulers overlay on your mac screen and the color can be changed to a handul of differnt ones to increase visual contrast.

Quick Ratio Calculator

Accurately calculate the golden ratio proportions from any ratio point.

Advanced Settings

Custmize the app to your liking and use your own custom shortcuts!

Dark Mode

A beautiful dark mode for every pixel of your dark side.