We designed and developed Goldie out of our own need to visually reference and calculate the golden ratio on our projects.

Goldie is now the #1 golden ratio app available for Mac OS!

Logo Evolution

The logo is a stylized version of a Golden Ratio Caliper, a tool used by artists to do quick ratio checks while painting.

A designer’s ruler with superpowers

Designed for artists & designers to check design composition and proportions. Goldie rulers overlay on your mac screen to visually check the golden ratio and more.

Onboarding Design

To explain the basic functionalities of Goldie we did a quick 6 steps onboarding slider that is presented the first time the app is opened.

Hello Goldie! 👋

Let’s quickly show you how to get the perfect ratio.

Goldie Ruler 🥂

This jem will mesure any on-screen golden proportions.

Goldie Calculator 🍦

Use this tab to calculate golden proportions.

Snap, Drag & Right Click 🍰

Hold shift to snap the ruler, drag it or right click for more.

Start Automatically ⚡️

Reccomended, so you’re always ready for a golden check!

Snap, Drag & Right Click 🍰

Hold shift to snap the ruler, drag it or right click for more.



Goldie rulers overlay on your mac screen and the color can be changed to a handul of differnt ones to increase visual contrast.

Rulers for
every job

Apart from golden ratio, the app references custom proportions like the rule of thirds, the regular and diagonal rule of thirds, and baroque proportions. To switch between different variations, use 6 ruler themes integrated into the app.

Golden Ratio

You don’t have to know math to calculate golden ratio in design. Goldie gives you exact numbers, always. Measure from any ratio point. On or off screen, it works with all design projects you can think of.

for Ease

Art is all about proportions, but interrupting your artistic flow with math is just wrong. Goldie App was designed to help you while staying out of your way. It sits in the top menu bar where you can easily grab it and puts transparent overlay on your projects, barely noticeable. Packed with the native mac interactions you are used to (ex. hold down “Shift” for snap-rotate or dragging)


Dictate the rules and Goldie will follow. For your convenience, the app is based on commands that are native to macOS. But you can personalize it even more. Create custom shortcuts for showing the ruler or toggling between ruler themes, lightning fast.

Dark Mode

If you are more creative in the darkness, Goldie will give you the darkness. It will automatically switch between light and dark themes based on your OS preferences, looking sharp, always.

More Projects

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