Found Human believes that people and companies deserve to come together in a way that connects them more deeply β€” at their core β€” where their values, beliefs, talents, and passions reside. And we designed this website to help them do just that – connect the right people with the right companies.

Found Human reached out to us in need of a website that can help represent their specialities in career coaching and company culture. They wanted their online presence to be heartfelt, impactful and overall β€œhuman”. In a world where recruiting is more often than not cold and driven purely by numbers and data, Found Human takes a much more personalized approach to finding the right fit for both the individual and the corporation.

The biggest challenge that we had to solve with our UX and visual direction is that Found Human caters to two very different audiences with two similar yet very different needs – the individual looking for a career forwarding position and the corporation looking for new hires that not only fit their skill requirements, but fit their company culture too.

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