BevMo! is the number one specialty beverage retailer on the west coast with stores located throughout California, Arizona, Washington and of course online.

The head of Ecommerce & Mobile at BevMo! reached out to us in order to help them solve their UX challenges for their new ClubBev! Loyalty Program. The new ClubBev! pilot program would be rolled out to customers based on there locations and we needed to find a way to structure the customer account section in a way that allows those who are a part of the Pilot to interact with all or the exciting new features that ClubBev! now has to offer without making it too messy and  irrelevant for those who aren’t a part of the pilot release.

One of the biggest challenges with this project was that we needed to deliver a product that would be relatively easy to integrate with their existing platform but also deliver a design that is friendly and intuitive to their users.

The project included several flow revisions, but here are a few of the final screens that we designed for both desktop and mobile.

The visual design part of this project was done in house using their the existing style guidelines.

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Account Info

My ClubBev!

Order History

Advanced Search

“We needed a team that we could trust to do a great job, and MENO design did just that.”

As soon as we wrapped up the UX designs for the new ClubBev! Loyalty Program the BevMo! HR team quickly gave us a call to see if we could help them create a mini careers website that could live within the current website in preparation for hiring in the stores prior to peak holiday season.

The objectives of the BevMo! Careers website is to highlight the internal culture of BevMo! feature employee stories, post available job positions and show the how future employees can grow their career at BevMo!

The main challenge behind designing this mini careers website is that the site had to be executed considering their current templetized platform and it needed to reflect new branded elements that were introduced this year. So we had to solve for creating a new way to navigate through the career website while keeping their main header, footer and main Nav.

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