Tiny Superheroes

Winners of 2016 MENO giveback!

Every once in a while Ignazio and I host our own MENO design sprints in order to come up with new ideas that we could implement on the site or ways that we could better serve the companies we work for. Well, we decided to kick off 2016 with a sprint based around how we could serve members of our community.

Durning the sprint we came to two conclusions:

  1. We should use what we know best to help others – ahem, web design.
  2. We can make the biggest impact by helping those who are already helping others. Win, win.

And with that our annual MENO giveback was born! (Read more from our blog here.)

Choosing a winner for a contest such as this is no easy task. I mean, come on. Every single person who applied is on a mission to help others, and in turn, is doing their part in changing the world through what they do best.

Our decision came down to these two things:

  1. Which startup company would great web design help make the biggest impact.
  2. Does the cause touch us personally. After all, the more invested we are in the company the better we will be able to serve them.

So, with that being said, we are so honored to give this year’s $10,000 design grant to Robyn Rosenberger, the founder of Tiny Superheroes. Admittedly, we teared up when we read through her entry.

Tiny Superheroes is a superhero cape company with a BIG mission to empower Extraordinary kids as they overcome illness or disability.

Here’s a bit more about Robyn and Tiny Superheroes:

Why did you start this company? What excites you about it?
I have a deep desire to empower kids & re-train the world to recognize what makes people extraordinary rather than what makes them different.

Describe the problem you are solving
TinySuperheroes is solving 2 problems. The first is to give hope, strength and courage to children and families who are battling illness or disability. Families of children with special needs across the board express a sense of social isolation, often caused by never-ending doctor’s appointments, therapies, and hospital stays. This social isolation has a direct negative impact on health outcomes. Through our superhero capes, we give families renewed strength and provide a community where they are embraced.

Secondly, we unite with these special needs families in an effort to change the way the world views illness and disability in children. Often mainstream society does not have the tools needed to treat families with differences as normal. The superhero cape is a simple, fun tool that can connect all people, bridging the gap between special needs and mainstream communities.

What’s different/interesting about your Startup?
We use something that is easy to talk about (superheroes) to bridge the gap between things that aren’t easy to talk about (special needs)

How are your customers solving that problem today?
TinySuperheroes uses a Buy One, Give One model, and in doing so not only are we able to donate thousands of capes to children who need them, but are involving each customer in the process. For each cape purchased by one of our customers, an additional cape is donated to a child who is battling illness or disability. One of the neatest aspects of this is that the customer becomes part of TinySuperheroes mission, and learns about a child who is a TinySuperhero. This not only accomplishes our mission of empowering children, but also raises awareness to our customers!

Congratulations, Tiny Superheroes! Can’t wait to see how our design sprint giveback will help Tiny Superheroes reach even more superheroes in the future.

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