If two wrongs don't make a right, try three.


Awesome Person

Melissa is more commonly known as @moelissa to the social internet world. She graduated with a double major in graphic design and radio-television broadcasting from San Francisco State University, and immediately went to work creating print ads for popular sports drinks (like Muscle Milk). With a strong love for print design, she figured she would be crafting magazine layouts and ads for the mojority of her professional career, however, digital design and media took her in a very different direction.

She fell into the world of social media as an early adaptor in 2008 helping establish and run the Zappos blog/video and social media team. From there she helped several other companies build out their social community program and brand social strategies.

At MENO, Melissa manages all design projects and is in charge of making sure quality work is created and delivered on time.  She’s the one who makes sure everyone is happy; and that our client’s needs are top of mind. You can Yelp that if you’d like!