Site UX and visual design for UpHail, an NYC based startup committed to help people find the best taxi and ride-share price through their amazing comparison engine.

Avi Wilensky, CEO of UpHail, connected with us in need of a site UX and visual design refresh.

UpHail offers a service that drastically simplifies the daunting or comparing the best taxi and shuttle prices based on your desired destination. As most of us know, doing this on your own consists of opening up the Uber app, the Lyft app and signing into Super Shuttle, type in your location and destination on each and take detailed notes of the price difference between them.

Well, thanks to Uphail, their sophisticated search engine immediately gives you an accurate rate comparison of all available options, presented in one simple to scan page. Wow!

Oh, and did we mention that Avi is also a very smart company leader that appreciates minimal, simple and functional design?  So needless to say, we enjoyed his intelligent direction and partnership on this project and we appreciated that fact that he gave us lots of creative freedom on this project too.

Here are some initial design options we proposed based on the general structure Avi invisioned.

Below is the final homepage we delivered after a few group revisons. The goal of this page was to really bring front and center the search functionality and explain in a brief way what UpHail has to offer – with no further distractions.

Here is the search result page with different filtering and sorting options with allocated add slots.

Here is the “search by city” landing page that offers a map view of different services offered.

Old Site vs. New Site

The positive impact of the new design, straight from Google Analitics!


Average Session Duration




Bounce Rate


Average Page Download Time

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