Good Design is Invisible

And bad design stands out

Have you ever sat down at a restaurant and instead of your lips quenching with hunger you are annoyed by the illegibility and the sloppiness of their menu design? Or have you ever walked around a new city or town and the main thing that stands out to you is its terrible signage, graffiti and their overall lack of care for good clean design? I know I have.

And that’s because BAD DESIGN STANDS OUT!

Yep. And not in a way that you want it to. It’s more like the way a rancid sewer leak stays in your nose even hours after you have left the site. Design is meant to be nearly invisible and consumed effortlessly by the consumer. I bet you may not remember all the chairs that held you up when you sat in them…but the one that breaks or was odd to get in and out of, you will remember for a long, long time.

So next time you are simply enjoying yourself at your favorite restaurant or in a new location, take a moment to truly examine your surroundings to see if good design is the cause of your sense of ease and happiness. When you walk around an impeccable town (most cities in Germany come to mind) does the fact that everything is in order and the signs are clear and well thought out help you enjoy your vacation even more? I bet it does. Or does a well designed website or menu lead you to making your ultimate decision and therefore purchase? I’m gonna have to say yes to that too.

And that’s because good design is invisible and provokes movement and emotion without you even knowing about it. The right photos, CTA, UX design can either have you leaving the site before the page even has a chance to load, or keep you involved all the way through your painless checkout process.

So give a silent, or loud applause the next time you seamlessly enjoy a new experience because I’m sure good, and therefore invisible, design had a lot to do with it.

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