Care & Hosting

Our Care and Hosting service offers you peace of mind by taking away the technicalities of maintaining a website keeping it always up and running at peak performance.



Not performing the proper site updates and maintenance will cause the site to slowly get outdated which, over time, will cause malfunctions, brakes or hacks.

We offer maintenance for all the websites we develop, here is what’s included and how it works:

  • Quarterly site updates keeping up to date the theme and all plugins.
  • Daily automated backup
  • 30-day backup archive
  • Daily malware and virus scans
  • Downtime monitoring (Get alerted if the site goes down)
  • Automated spam filtering
  • Attack protection
  • Performance & optimization checks
  • Premium plugins subscriptions included. (See list below)

Here are some plugins memberships we would cover under the maintenance package:

Elementor Pro $59/y, Elementor Forms 79/y, SEO plugin $89/y, Gravity Form $59/y, Facebook Pixel Pro $55/y, Custom Fields Pro $25, Jetpack premium $99/y… and more are added every year)

Managed WordPress Hostingโ€‹


We host our websites on a WordPress designed cloud that guarantees a lightning-fast network, reliable load time (even with huge spikes of traffic), 99.99% site uptime and some of the highest security for WordPress environment.

Whats included:
  • Unlimited Storage
  • SSL Encryption (Usually $99/year)
  • Free site migration to our servers
  • Phone and email support

Depending on your site traffic hosting price might vary:


Included (Total $300/y)
  • Up to 75k pageviews/m


+$ 200/y (Total $500/y)
  • Up to 250k pageviews/m


+$ 300/y (Total $500/y)
  • Up to 400k pageviews/m

Care & Hosting Service Approval

I would like MENO design to maintain and host my website!