Artesian candy maker, Tommy Thekkekandam and his wife Jenny Citineni, a pediatric dentist in MA, are on a mission to make candies that actually do your teeth some good! Love caramel, but hate the idea of getting cavities? Then Tom & Jenny’s Candy may be the right answer for you.

Tom reached out to us for a full Ecommerce website refresh in anticipation for their delicious caramel candies going into full production. This website isn’t your average small mom & pop Ecommerce website. No siree. The Tom & Jenny’s candy website is all about helping their consumers get exactly what they need from buying a simple two pack, to monthly subscriptions and even on demand help via ZenDesk integration.

The Tom & Jenny’s website needed to solve these main problems:

  1. Educate the customer about the benefits of candies made with Xylitol
  2. Make checkout as friction-less as possible so that those who are curious can easily a few bags to try for themselves.
  3. Make the design approachable, educational & fun, yet trustworthy. We want the consumers to understand that Tom & Jenny’s is a brand that puts their health concerns and tastebuds first.

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Ignazio Lacitignola

Founder & Designer

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Ignazio Lacitignola

Founder & Designer

Ignazio, or “Igi” as his friends and colleagues call him, has been deconstructing and designing since he could hold a pencil. Today, Igi uses his youthful curiosity and creativity to take on more sophisticated, world-shaping design challenges.

Igi graduated with a degree in Industrial and Interior Design in Milan, Italy (where he was born and raised), but soon realized that his true passion was for the digital world and the art of creating beautiful web experiences.

He followed his passion and moved to the USA to study User Experience in San Francisco where he launched his career as a web-designer with a focus on visual and experience design.

Today, Igi is a highly sought-after creative partner for imagining and building modern, intuitive, and compelling websites for the most discerning brands. Working on web experiences for nearly a decade, he has worked with companies like Zappos, Cisco, wikiHow, and more. Whoever Igi works with he earns their respect for the trail he blazes with his unwavering passion, vision, and premier designs. At heart, Igi is an entrepreneur founding companies like as Molletta Design, Picture This Clothing, Amico Apps, and Meno Design.

Despite his friendly and calm appearance he deeply enjoys Italian swearing whenever spotting bad design decisions. And that’s way too often.