How Working in a Co-Working Space Has Made Me More Productive

And other reasons why it's great to work out of your house.

Earlier this year we decided to make the move from our home office over to a co-working space located in downtown San Francisco. At first it was just to get out and meet new people and hopefully get plugged into new business opportunities. But it turned out to be a slightly different experience which has actually allowed us to separate our home and work dynamic, space and overall mentality.

I am, by nature, a very social being. I feed off of the energy of others around me and that energy is what drives my creative thinking, mood, social confidence, and so much more. When taken out of social engagements for an extended period of time a big part of who I am dies. Knowing this, it is imperative that I get out of the house and participate in social engagements on a regular basis. But with a toddler and a newborn at home, getting out hasn’t been the easiest thing in the world.

Luckily we now have a wonderful babysitter at home which allows me to get out 4 days a week to really focus on making MENO great.

Here are 5 ways working from a co-working space has made me more productive:

  1. Kid-free. This might seem obvious, but before now I was always a work-at-home Mom having to juggle work and play. Now, I can disconnect from the kids for a second and focus 100% on getting shit done.
  2. No Cleanup Required. With or without kids, working out of a home office is darn right distracting. Why? Well, there’s always something to be done around the house from laundry to dishes and I found that I was dedicating over 2 hours of my day cleaning and organizing instead of working.
  3. Set Hours. Working for yourself at home means you are a 24 hour working machine. Your laptop stays open and you come and go as you need to. Working out of a co-working space allows us to separate home from work and we do our best to fit in everything we need to do during our set working hours so that when we get home we can focus 100% of our energy on family time. Self-Employeed family peeps, give this a try. It make a big difference in family dynamic.
  4. Good Entrepreneurial Vibes. Weather or not you actually engage in conversation with the people around you, the energy of fellow entrepreneurs focusing on making great work is all around you. A high-five in the hallway, a short chat while re-filling your coffee or water cup, or a good laugh as you get off on the wrong floor for the 5th time this week, is all you need to keep your spirits high and feel like a human again. Let’s face it people. Humans need other humans. So just being around other individuals makes a HUGE difference.
  5. We have a sweet space to call our office. Before we used to only meet up with clients at cafes because we were slightly embarrassed to have them come over to our small SF home. Not only did this make our meetings slightly less productive because we had to try to regain focus after ordering drinks, etc. but it also made meetings longer due to the added commute. So working out of a co-working space is a great way to streamline client meetings and it allows them to comfortably come to you.

Do you co-work? Would love to know how it’s helped you!

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