Avoiding Total Burnout

Continue Doing What You Love

As many of you may know, the newest, and youngest member of our team, entered into the world this past December, and it has been both amazing and exhausting all at the same time.

We’re excited to announce that a new Creative has joined our team! Meet Leonardo Piero Lacitignola, the new assistant to our head of inspiration. We see a bright and creative future for him for sure 🙂


He came at a time in our journey as a design studio when we have never had so many clients nor so many projects to fulfill with such short deadlines. We had a system. We had a process in place. We were on a roll. Then all of a sudden, like someone throwing a wrench in the spinning cogs of a clock – all things came to a halt. Or at least I came to a stop and Ignazio more of a California roll. But our project deadlines and commitments didn’t change one bit, so we (more so he) had to move on.

Ever since then we have been slowly reaching burnout on both ends. Up all night with sick and sleepless babes. Nursing while taking client calls. Juggling life as tired parents and ambitious creatives. It has been the longest two months of our lives and we’re exhausted.

Oh, and did I mention that we have a two and a half-year-old as well?


So here we are, at the crossroads of exhaustion and new client work, and we have to choose. Do we take on new projects because they’re coming our way, or do we turn down the majority so we don’t trip over our own two feet? Well, my job as a project manager has been to say no to a lot of exciting projects that have been coming our way, just so we can continue to love what we’re doing, keep our standards of work high, and our growing family happy.

We are so lucky to be able to wake up every day and do what we love – so strategically avoiding total burnout is a must.

Have you ever been to the point of total burnout?

Our dear friend Jaimee Newberry (@jaimeejaimee) speaks at conferences around the world about overcoming her own burnout and how the design skills that she acquired throughout the years saved her life. A must listen.

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